Year-end & Statutory Accounts Outsourcing Services to India

Acquire Accounting Services of Year-End Accounting For Sole Entities or Consolidated Groups

Accounting is at the core of any well-regulated firm and our team ensures to keep our client’s book error-free and in balance by handling everything from year-end reporting, invoicing to cash flow management and bank reconciliation. We seamlessly incorporate into our client’s preferred systems. Our clients just need to review and approve.

XL KPO dedicated professionals concentrate on statutory compliance while delivering your financials authentically. Our team is well-equipped with handling business taxation, allowance deduction and year-end account outsourcing. We ensure statutory compliance of financial reports by transforming them and making them error-free. We guaranteed successful outcomes while scaling up more facilitative.

Process Overview

General Ledger Management

A firm’s general ledger is the foundation to developing and curating precise and timely financial statements. Using monthly agreements and reviews of essential accounts, as well as delivering and executing all instructed modifications, we develop a precise account of your firm’s general ledger. Our procedure often comprises documenting accounting activities for the period’s end, adjustments and closeout, opening/closing accounting periods, and accruals. We then examine and investigate the general ledger for incorrect balances or any differences and take corrective measures. Our team of experts investigate trial balance and curate control to make sure of the probity of a financial statement.


Our year-end accounts outsourcing services digs your firm’s bank statement to ensure that all your transactions are regulated with the firm’s balance sheet, so you can avert any errors, fraud and discrepancies.

Set Budget Vs Actual

Our dedicated team facilitates an exclusive assessment of how a firm’s spending and revenue creation meet the forecasting of financial projections to determine factors that are over or under budget, whether a firm can or should hire more employees who will add value to the firm and generate more profit margin. The statement is curated monthly and examined with a firm’s financial statement to assess areas of the firm that are not matching the expectations and instruct further investigation.


We ensure that our clients stay informed on every aspect of their firm by facilitating detailed financial reporting including balance sheets and income statements. Our team focuses on reporting our clients with every transaction, reconciliations and cash flow.

Our Year-End Accounts Outsourcing Process Overview

Spectrum of Work
  • A systematic review and friction analysis
  • Comprehensive general ledger computation
  • Accord of assets and liabilities at the end of year
  • Curate advanced trial balance sheet
  • End of year journal adjustments
  • Modification in accounts statements
What Does Our Team Need?
  • All firm’s working papers for the prior year
  • Software Backup or Access
  • Employment Checklist
  • Current year files and documents
What Our Team Will Provide?
  • All set of firm’s accounts
  • Cross-referenced firm’s paper files
  • Excel schedules
  • Financial statements

Why You Should Acquire Our Year-End Accounts Outsourcing?

Documented Financial Inputs

The accounting year-end process facilitates the documentation of the firm’s financial activities for a fiscal year. The year-end accounts outsourcing services facilitate valuable insights in the development of financial reports.

Helpful Business Insights

The statements curated based on year-end accounting facilitate business insights that aid to analyse the firm performance. It also indicates the firm weakness and strengthens and develops a strategy accordingly.

Traces Income and Expenditure

With our year-end accounts outsourcing services, keep a record of the expenses and income.

Analyse Tax Estimates

Our team focuses on the accounts designed at the year-end aids to assess the tax liability of the firm for the prior fiscal year.

Cross-Refer Business Finances

Our team ensures to cross-refer business finances as it aids in reviewing the actual financial status of the firm.

Accord of Bank Statements

The accounting year-end process plays a vital role in the accord of the bank statements. It enables a firm to assess the errors in the bank account.

Business Growth

The financial reports indicate the business performance and our team curate a business strategy accordingly.

Tailor-Made Year-End Accounts Outsourcing Services to Match Your Firms Outsourcing Requirement

The accounting outsourcing team that our firm will assign you becomes expanded support of your firm with co-delegated commitments. Our team conducts an end-to-end cloud accounting procedure inclusive of payrolling, cost accounting accord, and VAT returns. We curate tailor-made year-end accounts outsourcing packages to our clients to match their firm’s outsourcing requirements.