One of the Leading UK, Ireland Audit Outsourcing Services to India

Audit support service for practices based in the UK and Ireland

We provide excellent audit support outsourcing services to UK and Ireland accounting practices. This is a newly launched service and we have started working with many accountancy practices. Looking after the entire audit process and completion of the audit for clients.

We know audit is very important when you think of the compliance process and regulations. We have an excellent team of qualified accountants who perform audits for clients. Keep yourself busy in getting new clients for your practice and let us manage your audit work.

Scope of Work
  • We provide various audit services like Statutory Audit, Non-Statutory Audit, Interim Audit, Audit for Non-Profit Organisations/Charities, Regulated Audit, and Specialist Audit
  • Conducting audit in accordance with UK GAAP, Irish GAAP, Statement of Recommended practices (SORP), and IFRS
  • Preparing planning documents and audit checklists and handling planning meetings with Managers, RIs (Responsible Individuals), and clients
  • Handling and liaising with clients during audit meetings and various client correspondence.
  • Preparing the audit working papers, materiality calculations for standalone as well group companies and charities, risk assertions, tax calculations, sample selection, conducting various audit tests, completion of audit programs, and finalizing them for further review
  • Preparing audit engagement letter, letter of management, letter of representation, and letter to component auditors (overseas subsidiaries)
  • Our staff has experience with various audit tools including but not limited to Caseware audit working papers, PCAS, and Omnipro working papers