21 Jan 2022

These days marketing rules are changing quite rapidly. Now one can find potential clients, not in one place but more places than before. The old channels and techniques will no longer be working now.

Stay focused and cautiously think about the best approach. You can win new tax clients by keeping into consideration the success of the entire customer journey that is from the starting client to the loyal client in mind. Here we have shared five tips to make it easy for you:

Communicate clearly: The best approach is to start at the beginning. The main task is to find out what the client truly wants, or the way they want to communicate with you.

These days there are so many options available to interact with your clients like traditional face-to-face meetings, letters, email, instant messaging, and social media. The first thing that needs to be done is to figure out the way your clients want to stay connected with you. Get to know this from your clients and then make sure that you are prepared to interact in that manner, be it through a portal, via text message, online, or phone calls. Become aware of generational patterns in those communication preferences. This will take you in the right direction and also guide you to win new tax clients going forward. 

After you get to know how your clients want to interact, then keep asking to make them aware that you have their best interests in your mind. Show seriousness in their business and financial lives. Make them believe that you listen to them and offer them the solutions they require for their success. In order to get their attention and earn their respect, share your insights and knowledge on a variety of tax, accounting, and business-related topics. To win new business that’s the first step.

Providing your clients access to easy solutions through their preferred mediums is the most important part.

Enhance your firm’s reputation

It is important to have a voice that you can promote to your prospects. Otherwise, how will your prospects believe that you are a valid and confident source of information and why will they choose you over others?

Boosting your firm's reputation is one way to make sure you have a successful strategy in place to win new tax clients. Keep all your employees happy as they are your best referral sources. Employee satisfaction is a very crucial element in improving your firm’s reputation because if they are happy, they will spread the word among their friends and family. But you will also need to extend your reach beyond your firm’s immediate sphere of influence as your employees will not be able to reach all of your prospects on their own.

Here we have shared some helpful reputation-boosting tips to help you win new tax clients:

  • Give regular insights on tax, accounting, and business issues through social media.
  • Provide secure access to data through cloud applications and portals
  • To maximize visibility and searchability improve your accounting firm’s SEO
  • Ask for client reviews of your firm on sites like Google, Yelp, and Glassdoor.
  • To share your expertise host webinars, seminars, virtual conferences, and other events

Take benefit of word-of-mouth and reputation-building referrals, by keeping your employees engaged and clients happy. This will free you up to focus on other marketing strategies to bring in more new tax clients.

Make the onboarding process pain-free for new clients:

After you get new tax clients do you bring them into your firm's fold easily? How do you welcome them? Do you make them aware of what to expect from you? Do you tell them the way you will be sharing information with them? And do you make them know how important is their business to you? It can be a huge boost to your new client relationships if you have an automated streamlined onboarding process. This will make your new clients more likely to refer you quite soon.

Deal tax challenges with technology:

To ensure efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction seamless integration with existing tax and accounting software applications combined with modern, advanced technology is essential.

Artificial intelligence (AI) provides a more fluid and intuitive user experience and also makes it easy to find quick correct answers. Thus you will get more time to focus on your business which would have otherwise been spent on performing other tasks.

With the help of AI productivity will be better, the overhead will be reduced, speed-to-market will improve, and business models will be transformed.

Not only this, but your staff will also become more efficient with their research, thus improving the accuracy of the data and giving you more time to spend on more complicated solutions that might need out-of-the-box thinking and advising.

Partner with other trusted professionals:

Build and improve business alliances with other trusted professionals. Serve your clients with good lawyers, investment advisors, technology consultants, and recruiters and you might also end up receiving mutual referrals from them.

Wrapping it Up

You need to be proactive, not reactive to engage and retain new clients. To stay ahead of your competitors this transformational shift in mindset is essential. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to offer peace of mind with the best in accounting technology and communication solutions to get new and loyal clients. 

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