22 Mar 2022

Adjusting to the digital period is not an assignment for which all accountants or accounting firms are equipped. It is becoming common for accounting firms to hire the top payroll outsourcing companies in India to outsource payroll services so that they can handle their fundamental business operations smoothly. For accounting firms or accountants, efficiency is the fundamental attribute for success. They prefer to effectively utilise their time and resources to achieve their set objectives.

Outsourcing payroll is an essential process for every accountant, however, it is also a non-core operation that can be time-consuming and mundane. Moreover, the compliances and laws are inclined to change frequently, one needs to be updated. Sometimes, even the most experienced professionals find the payroll function as a burdensome task.

Hiring the best and most reliable payroll outsourcing provider can save money, resources and time for accountants. It facilitates them to concentrate on fundamental competencies and leaves the compliance and intricacies to the professionals in the field.

Uncover How to Select the Right and Best Payroll Outsourcing Provider

  • Internal Dominion

Good payroll outsourcing partners manage their client's businesses better and ensure structured and organised services to provide quality performance. Look for an outsourcing payroll partner that commits to deliver structured services and avert fines and loss of data and payment delays.

  • Flexible and Adaptable Services

When hiring payroll outsourcing companies in India, make sure that you examine their services and see if they are adaptable and flexible in their services. The payroll outsourcing partner should be well-versed and trained to adapt themselves to an accountant’s requirements. The payroll outsourcing partner who can modify according to an accountant’s or accounting firm's requirements will help them grow in no time. Hire a payroll outsourcing company that can provide for the changing requirements of their clients. They should be able to customise the services according to their client’s needs. 

  • Best and Expert-in-class Technology

The top payroll outsourcing provider is equipped with the best-in-class technology to facilitate accountants' or accounting firms' scale. In today’s tech-savvy industry, technology plays an important role and offers increased functionality and offers advantages for accountants and their employees. Look for a payroll outsourcing provider that offers recovery and data backup, which can ease potential risks.

  • Compliance

In addition to offering a customised process to match unique accountants' objectives, top payroll providers stay ahead of changing regulations. The outsourcing payroll services will help their clients to maintain and stay updated with tax and labour laws, nonetheless of the accountant's location.

  • Pricing 

Another factor to keep in mind is the pricing when selecting a payroll outsourcing provider for your accounting firm. The price should not be the sole factor to consider and you should also check their performance and services and hire the best payroll provider offering competent prices.

  • Examine Customer Services

Good customer service is essential to thriving payroll outsourcing. You can cross-check the reviews of their previous clients online and select the right outsourcing payroll provider.


Find Out the Countless Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll to India

Discover the countless benefits that accountants or accounting firms can acquire by outsourcing payroll services from India:

  • Cost Savings

Outsourcing payroll services save accountants money as opposed to executing the process themselves. Processing payroll services in-house implies investing in advanced software, equipment and offering training to the in-house team. In addition to this, accountants should also stay updated with the changing tax rules, accounting deadlines and more. Missing any matter can prove to be expensive.

  • Prioritising Fundamental Operations

Payroll operation is not a fundamental function of your accounting firm. As it is a non-core operation, any resources or time that an accountant devotes to it means that they are not focusing on revenue-generating activities. By hiring the top payroll outsourcing partner, accountants can use their precious time to focus on core activities.

  • Save Time

Whether you have 50 employees or 200 employees, payroll services processing requires your time and attention. If you process payroll in-house, then it will be time-consuming, however, by hiring an outsourcing payroll partner they will save your time and money. They will manage everything in a systematic and structured manner and offer successful outcomes. 

  • Ensures Data Security

Data security is a serious concern for many accountants and accounting firms. Any mishandling of crucial data can cause a serious problem and prove to be expensive.  The top outsourcing payroll partner ensures data security as they have robust tools to handle all data securely. 

  • Get Help from the Experts

Partnering with an outsourced payroll partner will imply that you get help from the industry’s experts who are well-versed and equipped with advanced tools and knowledge. If your accounting firm works for multiple locations, then having a professional who is well-versed with local rules and regulations is an added advantage. The outsourcing payroll partner has an in-depth understanding of payroll laws.

  • Compliance

One of the most challenging tasks for small to medium accounting firms or accountants is complying with changing regulations, laws, and mandatory rules, especially when the matter is international. Accountants may require an expert to have an in-depth understanding of laws and regulations to avert paying hefty fines and penalties.

Outsourcing payroll can be a difficult process, and selecting the top payroll outsourcing provider is not easy. XL KPO, powered by our in-house experts enables our clients to automate their payroll process in just a few clicks. We manage everything so that our clients can concentrate on expanding their firms and save time, resources and money while staying updated with labour laws and regulations. We constantly stay updated with the changing industry’s complications to offer successful results. We provide valuable services to accounts such as Bookkeeping and VAT outsourcing, integrated accounting, Corporation Tax Outsourcing, Year-End account outsourcing and more.

To ensure successful results and precision, our team of experts conduct a multi-level strategy that examines any mistakes. We have advanced software that comprises pre-payroll and post-payroll warranties. Our process fulfils the highest standards of the industry and we make sure to provide an error-free procedure. 

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