A Reliable Accounting and Bookkeeping Outsourcing Partner

One of the biggest problems with outsourcing to put a trust an organization from other countries with your client’s information. And another issue is the quality of work delivered by accountants.
Protecting your information is our reputation. We understand that your client data is confidential by nature and so we take more measures to ensure that security is unbreachable.

Operations Centers

XL KPO is widely held among accounting clients for providing high-end accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services in a very quick turnaround time. We have achieved this feat possible with advanced infrastructure and the use of high-level technology at our delivery center.

Technology We Follow
– Controlled Data Transfer
– File access restriction – Employees can access only the files which they allowed
– No access to upload/download
– All connection via RDP using VPN
– Secured Data transferred

Staff & Office access
– Employees are not allowed to take their laptops, iPad, mobile. They can use only a company-provided device
– Website access restriction on a few domains
– Restricted door access and CCTV cameras