13 Jan 2022

Accounting firms and accountants should plan for tax season well in advance to ensure that clients receive accurate and timely tax returns. The entire tax returns process can be difficult and stressful.

Tax preparation and self-assessment tax returns require a thorough knowledge of tax legislation. This is so that there are no risks in the execution of tax processes. During tax season, however, many accountants may not have the time or budget to complete all client deliverables. High workloads can also impact productivity, particularly for small accounting firms and individual accountants. In such circumstances, accountants may choose to outsource tax returns tasks for their clients, including self-assessment tax return returns to specialized service providers.

Outsourcing tax returns can be a great option for accounting firms of any size. And, contrary to popular belief they are less expensive than hiring specialized accountants in-house. By replacing in-house employees with highly skilled and trained offshore/onshore tax professionals, personal and self-assessment tax return outsourcing can reduce costs by up to 40%. Accounting firms don't need to spend much and have access to highly-trained professionals. It's a win-win situation.

By hiring self-assessment tax returns outsourcing to India,  accountants get the following benefits

Productivity increases with shorter work hours

Most accountants find tax season to be one of their busiest periods. This season can lead to long hours and sometimes extended work hours on weekends. In most cases, this is not something employees like and can even impact the practice's productivity. This concern is completely eliminated by outsourcing personal tax returns. The service providers are responsible for tracking deadlines. Accountants can then continue to focus on their core competencies and not get bogged down by a lot of work.

Peak periods receive reduced or no overtime charges

Individual accountants and accounting firms that handle client tax returns may need to employ specialized accounting professionals, who are then placed on payroll. As deadlines and documentation are required, overtime is often necessary for in-house staff during peak tax season. These overtime-related expenses increase dramatically, which adds to the practice's regular employment expenses and payroll expenses. Outsourcing means that all accounting firms have to pay a fixed fee. Payroll Outsourcing Companies in India provide services that eliminate the need for overtime costs as all staffing-related formalities can be handled entirely by the service provider.

Focus on tasks with higher value:

Outsourcing removes the hassle and extra work associated with preparing tax returns for clients and meeting deadlines. This allows accountants to concentrate on core revenue-generating activities. The practice can also focus on tasks that are more valuable, which increases productivity and enhances the client-account relationship.

Tax preparation is now a fixed price

This is the greatest advantage of outsourcing personal and self-assessment taxes returns. Variable costs can be a problem for accountants. It is difficult to plan expenses and establish a budget for your practice. Variable costs are created when personal and self-assessment tax returns are completed in-house. If the same is done outsourced, however, it becomes a fixed cost. This makes it easier for accountants and planners to forecast and plan their expenses. Because the practice only pays a fixed amount, it does not need to worry about variable costs. Accounting Outsourcing services in India providers handle these.

Time zone differences cause a quicker turnaround

Service providers that work in different time zones often offer outsourcing services for self-assessment tax returns or personal tax returns. Outsourcing is more profitable than doing the returns yourself because it takes less time. An example: Tax returns data that has been provided can be downloaded and analyzed by an Indian service provider the next morning. This is a significant improvement over doing it yourself, especially during peak tax season.

Processes for document management that are more efficient:

Tax preparation involves a lot of paperwork and manual processing. This means that paper usage is higher and documents can be misplaced. This problem can be easily resolved with personal tax returns outsourcing. Paper documents are no longer needed when self-assessment tax return outsourcing is in place. All transactions and exchanges take place via remote shared drives in cloud-based accounting systems. This reduces the chance of misplacement.

High accuracy:

Accuracy cannot be compromised. Credibility builds trust and credibility, which in turn builds your business' credibility and revenue. Any UK accounting firm can benefit from outsourcing Indian accounting services as they are guaranteed to produce high-quality outputs. This accuracy will allow you to manage your back-office operations efficiently.

Data Security Protection

One of the most important concerns of a growing business is the protection of its financial accounts and documents. Outsourcing to India will ensure that your confidential information, client information, as well as your documents, are safe and secure.

Get the Latest Technologies Accessible

It is important to keep up-to-date with current technology as the market changes rapidly. India has a technological advantage. Most of the software and technology is developed in India. You can also outsource to India to get the most current accounting tools and technologies.

Keep work-life balance

When we have more on our plates than we can handle, our mind's balance suffers. It's not easy to manage multiple business forms. They are not all the same. Good outsourcing services can be your guardian angel disguised as assistance. Outsourcing Accounting Firms in India can allow you to set aside time for your business ventures and other personal commitments. You don't have to be overwhelmed by work at the end of the financial year. Redistributing your bookkeeping and accounting tasks will help you reduce your stress.

Outsourcing isn't a new concept in the accounting industry. It has been proven to generate positive revenues for many accounting firms. Outsourcing allows you to access a team of accounting and tax professionals who can deliver precise, flawless, and reliable personal tax returns. This makes it an ideal business solution for accounting firms that need help in completing clients' tax returns on time and accurately.

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