18 Jan 2022

Tax season can be hectic for any accountant, whether you are a solo practitioner, an experienced veteran, or a newer accountant. High stress and long hours can cause physical, mental, and emotional damage. You can survive but thrive in this hectic time by making some preparations.

You can't help but feel the pain of tax season each year. When a large pile of tax returns arrives on your desk or when you have to deal with a lot of clients last minute. With the right plan of action, you can handle it all and get your vitals back on track in no time.

To avoid being overwhelmed by the odds, it would be a good idea to approach tax season in the right way. Tax season should not be a burden on your life. You need to be able to reduce tax season stress as an accountant to make your tax season 2022 more productive and efficient. There is an inverted relationship between stress levels and tax season productivity.

You can do more work if you have less stress. It's as simple as that!

Here are four tips to assist accountants in the coming tax season

Stay current on the tax news

Experts expect an increase in professional tax services due to the possible changes to estate, personal, and business tax laws and the tax credits that are associated with the pandemic. COVID-related changes such as the Employee Retention Credit or the Expanded Child Tax Credit will increase your workload.

It is also a good idea for beginners to learn the basics. Even if your knowledge of tax regulations is solid, they change constantly. For example, inflation has driven the income tax brackets higher in 2022.

Sign up for accounting busy-season news alerts from professional accounting sources like the Journal of Accountancy or mainstream news and business outlets to stay on top of all things accounting. Check out our review of the year's most hot tax topics to keep up-to-date on the likely impacts of the tax busy season.

Prepare your workload

While you know that you will be busy at work this season, you should also have an idea of how busy you will be. Are you planning to take on new clients? To fully understand your clients' needs, you will need to spend more time upfront. Remind your clients to submit information quickly if you accept new clients if they are accepting clients. Do you have enough staff if you anticipate a higher workload? Can you outsource some tasks? You can review all these factors ahead of busy seasons so that you can plan your workload.

Stay organized

The best way to reduce the stress of tax season is to stay organized and keep current records of all receipts, payments, expenses, and other information. The IRS requires documentation to support claims so it is important that everything is stored and easily accessible.

The organization helps maximize deductions, reimbursements, and saves you the hassle of searching for financial records that are lost. It makes it easy to file taxes as soon as possible because all paperwork is at your fingertips.

Use software to scan, process, and organize receipts. This allows you to extract vendor, total amount, and date from your receipts and make them searchable online. Receipts can be tagged as deductible or reimbursable so that when you file taxes your documents will already be categorized.

Schedule breaks

It's hard work, and you won't be your best if you are exhausted. People can improve their focus and retention of information by taking breaks. Research has shown that taking breaks every 50 to 90 seconds is the most effective.

It can be draining to expend mental energy during busy seasons. Even a short walk around the block can help you get moving and clear your mind. Don't be afraid of taking a weekend off during peak season. You will feel refreshed when you return to work on Monday.

You need to prepare for tax season's rush. This requires planning and a variety of strategies, including professional development as well as taking care of your emotional and physical well-being. You and your clients will both benefit from the time you spend now preparing for tax season.


You want your employees to be happy and free from stress as an owner of an accounting firm. During peak season, your staff may find it difficult to deal with the stress and workload. You will have more staff to help relieve the pressure on the in-house tax team. It will not only relieve your colleagues, but it can also lead to up to 50% cost savings.

Your team won't be required to do any compliance tasks. This will allow them to focus on their areas of expertise.

Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing tax season.

There are many experts available

Professional accounting outsourcing firms in India have a large pool of accountants with years of experience in tax preparation and financial documents.

A specialist in your industry will be able to keep you compliant with all business regulations and build good relationships with authorities who will assist you in filing a tax return.

Enhanced efficiency

You can rest assured that your tax records and financial documents will be accurate and error-free if you hire a company for Accounts outsourcing in India. These experts are constantly learning new things and staying up to date on all regulations and rules that affect tax returns.

You can save your precious time

The entire tax filing process, from organizing forms to filing your income tax return can take hours. Outsourcing your work can speed up the tax filing process and make it more efficient.

So, the blog entails everything you need to do in order to deal with tax season worry and the benefits of hiring Top accounting outsourcing companies. To avoid any delays or problems during the filing process, it is important to do thorough research on accounting outsourcing firms in India you are considering hiring.

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